The Village of Challock has a long and interesting history with documented references as long ago as 823.  It is also clear that the area was inhabited long before even that early date.

This site sets out to record as much information as possible from all available sources before that information is lost forever.  I am particularly keen to record as many photographs as I can as these are so often lost.

I have also included links to other sites which have related information on specific subjects, such as our Church.

The loss of so many of our parishoners in two world wars is covered in a separate section under "Lest we forget"  (see top menu above)

The 2000's cover the years from 2000 to 2099.     In 2004 we received the Village of the year award and despite, or perhaps because of Global Warming, heavy snow in 2005 had a big impact.   


For more detailed information and photographs visit the pages for each of the decades listed in the lower menu above.

The 1900's were dramatic to say the least with two world wars.

Challock was affected by the loss of many people in both wars and these are remembered in our "Lestwe forget" pages which you can visit using the top menu above.


Some highlights from the 1900's. 


1960-69 | Good times hit Challock

1950-59 | Village garden party

1940-49 | Churchill’s Secret Army

1930-39 | WW2 hits Challock

1920-29 | Nine Chimneys for sale

1910-19 | The Great War

1900-09 | List of Family Names in Challock

Pictures supplied by Hugh Potter

Kent police recruits passing out in 1885. The man top right is Walter Potter who is mentioned as the retired policeman in the 1917 poem (see 1910-1919)

Walter Potter enhanced from group photo. See also 1900-1909


From a social standpoint it is interesting to note the police hats, known as Shako's, in these photos. These were phased out around 1897 and the change is seen in the later picture in 1906 (see 1900-1909) with the more recognizable "Bobbies Helmet"

The School House (now a private house) was built in 1866 and has an inscription “Wisdom hath builded her house”  It stands on the north side of the A252 opposite the entrance to Church Lane.  It had one main room and two small lobbies, one for boys and one for girls.

(Information by Mary Doody (Aiusten)


On the 4th December 1894 the first Parish Council was formed.

Five people were elected as follows:

James Austen 15 Votes  
Walter Summers 13 Votes Chairman
John Smith 11 Votes  
John Epps 10 Votes  
Thomas Wallis 8 Votes  


In 1858 Walter Austin Summers was born.  Later in 1894 he became the first Chairman of the newly formed Parish Council.

This information came from a descendant Jill Hasddock.

It is hoped that more information on the Summers family will become available.


Pictures supplied by Fred Hams

An ancient Brass in the Parish Church reads as follows: Here lyeth ye bodys of John Wanstall and Susan his wife, daughter of John Bing of this parish. She dyed April ye 2nd 1737 aged 66 years. He dyed July ye 4th 1737 aged 72 years who had issue one son and one daughter viz John and Martha.

George Lenard was born in Challock in 1776 - (see surnames 1700's) His extended family includes Beechings (see Surnames 1800's)

The 2nd of two Challock Windmills stood from 1709 to 1809 approx near Mill House, Mill Lane. See also 1300's

On January 1st 1769 by Act of Parliament this set of maps was published by Andrews Dury and Herbert.

The sections of the maps which cover Challock and the surrounding areas towards the major towns of Canterbury, Faversham, Ashford and Charing are of great importance as they show the road situation at that time.

On separate pages below we highlight these changes and look at their significance.



History from the 1600's to the 800's

As the author or compiler of this history I am reluctant to close the door at 823 AD when the first known mention of the village occurred. It seems quite clear that there would have been some sort of village or group of dwellings in the area long before that. This area of Kent has been part of history for a very long time.

There are a number of items and articles which do not easily fit into a timeline. These are hosted under the general heading of "Various"