The village of Challock has a long history with documented references as far back as 823.

Lest We Forget

In every City, Town and Village, men and women gave their lives that we might live in peace.

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Challock Website

The main Challock Parish Council website can be accessed below for up to date information.


A history of Challock by Deryck M Sutton

This website was set up to record information, photographs and documents about the village of Challock in Kent.

This website wouldn’t be possible without the help of a large number of kind people from both the village and outside.

I freely acknowledge their huge contribution without which this website could not have been created.

The First World War

The Great War 1914 to 1918

We have collected details and pictures to honour those who fought during the great war. We honour those fallen with individual pages.

The Halfway House

Situated on one corner of the crossroads (now a roundabout) in the centre of the village, the Halfway House public house has been a landmark in Challock for many years.

The Second World War

Pay respects to those who fought during The Second World War 1939 to 1945


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Pictures supplied by Hugh Potter Kent police recruits passing out in 1885. […]

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